Raine Sage
250px-Raine Sages stats
Raine as she appears after the Steamship arc
Aliases Professor Sage
Counterpart(s) Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia)

Impa (main Games)

Timeline Base Hyrulian Chronicles Timeline
Age 23
Gender Female
Species Human
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Sheikah
Loyal To The Kingdom of Hyrule

Northern Hylian Labs

Hometown kakariko Village
Family/Clan Impa (Cousin)
Title and Rank Healer
Group Flying Swords Exploration Squad
Weapons Rods and staffs
Special Abilities Light Element Artes
Introduced In Chapter 4
Stories Featured In The Legend of Zelda: Hyrulian Chronicles Series
Author(s) BraveVesperia101
Raine Sage is a Character in The Legend of Zelda: Hyrulian Chronicles and is the mentor too the group who joins at the Beached Steamship wreck.


Raine wears a long Robe over her casual clothes and sports long boots, she has snow white hair that is common among all Sheikah people, she only lacks Red eyes. Raine wears her fold up staff on her back like a Sword for easy access to fight.


Raine has Knowledge that even rivals Lucas Amano's, she is very informed about the the Land of Hyrule and almost all of it's secret passageways in Central Hyrule. Even thought she is a Sheikah, Raine does not help protect the Royal Family instead she travels around and teaches about the History of Hyrule. She is very caring towards the younger party members and is willing to lend her wisdom to the group.


Raine was born in Kakariko Village two years before her cousin Impa, dispite her age she joined the Knights of Hyrule as a Tactitan and Healer at age 18, after a while she participated in the Battle of the Moonlight Bridge and was almost killed by Death until she weakened it using a Light Element Arte, she later quit the Knights and only came back to Mentor Jessie and his friends training two years later. Raine quit and became a teacher in Central Hyrule before setting off and travling Hyrule.

Raine in the anime

Raine joining the group.

Present Edit

Raine is encountered in the Steamship wreck on the coast of Hyrule, she is almost attacked by Lucas Amano thinking she was a monster, but she told them it was her and they let her join them on their journey.

The reason Raine was at the Ship wreck was becasue she wanted to study the Steam engine and take her study's and use them to devolpe a new way for the Trains and Airships to go faster in Hyrule until they were attacked by thieves.


  • "You Don't have to attack me... you know who I am!" (Raine to the group)
  • "Half of Hyrule's finest have gone missing... and I want to know why..." (Talking about the situation in Hyrule)


  • Raine is based off of the real Raine Sage from Tales of Symphonia, but the two are diffrent characters in Personality and attacks.

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