Moblin Slayer Zora
Aliases Swearing Zora
Timeline Base TP
Age 18
Gender Male
Species Zora
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian Zora
Hometown Zora Domain
Family/Clan N/A
Title and Rank Royal Guard
Group Zora Royal Guard
Weapons Spear/bo staff
Special Abilities talented swimmer (what zora isn't), uses spear as a bo staff at times
Introduced In The Legend of Zelda: Blades of Power
Stories Featured In The Legend of Zelda: Blades of Power
Author(s) Twilitlink

Blades of PowerEdit

Raikov is the youngest member of the Zora Royal Guard and Prince Ralis' personal body guard. When Dagon came and killed most of the ZRG and kidnapped Ralis, Raikov took it upon himself to rescue him. Unfortunately he ran into Link in Lake Hylia and was subsequently captured in Jake's fishing line (not his finest moment).

Weapons and clothingEdit


Spear (also used as a bo staff)


none but has some tattoos on his body


Raikov has an incredibly short fuse and angers quickly. (Which Jake takes great lengths to do). Once angered he will go into an uncensorable swearing fit saying any profanity that comes to mind. (This particular trait has earned him the nick name Swearing Zora from Jake). He is extremely proud and takes the kidnapping of Prince Ralis personally.


Like all Zoras, Raikov is a great swimmer and can breathe under water. He is skilled with a spear and is also able to use it as a bo staff.

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