Author:Hero Of Wisdom, more commonly known as Relyt

Genre:Adventure, Action, Romance, Horror, Psycho, Dark

Summary:What is the past of this new psychotic hero and his future intentions?

Timeline: New Evil Era

Disclaimer:Well, to much to say. Nintendo, if you see this, you guys get 79.9% and own your stuff.

Major Characters:Ty, Julie, Andrea, Stallord, Jocelyn, Septro, Luna, Patrick, Fonso, Wesley, Selene, Darunai, King Hyrule, Zelda, Link

Minior Characters:Kayla, Darlene, Maleecia, Ghaster, Vladimor, Romani,

Unknown Role Characters: Deja, Terro, Cassy, Natalie

Rating:R- Romance, Blood, Profanity, Horror

Comment:Please leave a comment on the chapters talk to tell me what you think about the chapter you read.


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