Queen Bato-Bato is a boss monster featured in the fanfiction Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf. It is based off of the Japanese ghost/demon Tek-Tek, which also appears in the same fan-fic as an enemy.

Queen Bato-Bato
Species Tek-Tek Queen
Found Forgotten Grounds
Weapon Large scythe
Special Abilities Flight
Evil magic (not Dark Magick
Stories Featured In Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf
Author(s) Ryushusupercat


Living in the Forgotten GroundsEdit

Slain by LinkEdit


Difficulty: 4/5

This epic cutscene starts with Link and the little girl he found stranded inside the Forgotten Grounds inside of a huge circular chamber. Link looks around, confused as to why there is no monster. The little girl tells him to use the Eye of Truth. He does so, and continues looking around, but still cannot find anything. On accident, he looks at the girl with the Eye of Truth still activated (I say by accident because Link's no pervert) and is thoroughly shocked to see that below the girl's midriff, there is nothing but a spinal column, and the rest of her body beneath her dress is putrified. He thinks it is a trick and takes off the visor. The girl then asks him if he found what he was looking for. Link is too shocked and horrified to say anything.

(to be continued)

Notable AbilitiesEdit

Substitute FormEdit

Oddly enough, Queen Bato-Bato has the ability to assume a substitute form, much like a Halfbreed. However, she does this in order to trick people into coming into her lair, where she then transforms back into her true form and devours the victim.


In Substitute FormEdit

In True FormEdit

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