Midna Edit

Zelda was confused again,Midna back, her father dead, Ganondorf alive, a rebellion, and Midna could stand light what was going on?! After explaining her confusion to them Midna explained: "The one with the silver sword is Armek, he brought me back to organize the rebellion with Zilon, himself,Dane(the gold sword guy.), and the zoras.Reth(the redhead guy) joined yesterdayand was promoted at least a dozen times." Link who just woke up, joined the group and said:"Jeez, how many more mysteries is there."

Rebellion tests Edit

Zelda was surprised that the rebellion was making Link take a series of tests to join the rebellion. Link's first test was mind defense,which Armek lost at, the second and last was swordplay, which was about to begin.

test of swords Edit

Zilon and Link circled each other,their swords held loftily at theirs sides, "This will be unfair to you." said Link,"As if'" was the only reply. Link charged swinging the master sword above his head, Zilon parried, struck at Links hip, Link dodged thrust, missed, parried, Zilon was the greastest swordsman he ever encountered."So when did you start carrying the master sword around?" Zilon said cheerfully. Link wove a web a sword thrusts around Zilon,who parried easily."One week after I defeated Ganondorf the first time." Zilon was moving all the time,never missing where he meant to hit,striking,rolling,stabbing,slashing,spinning,the fight seemed to go on for hours until Zilon swung at the hilt of Links sword, knocking it out of his hand."You have passed." He said.

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