Day-23 I have been stationed here for quite a while now and Im frozen to the bone. I cant see in front of me very well. I saw a green figure in front of me today it was at the bottom of the summit and I was at the top I shot at it and hit it perfectly. But when I got down to see what it was I found out it was another Bulbin carrying a scroll saying that I can report back to the Bulbin Camp an area we made after the start of the Army. I buried the Bulbin and prayed to the Goddesses for him. I have told no one of this.

Day-30 Today is my first day in the Bulbin camp after man days of traveling to get here. They noted my Archery Skills and have stationed me on a high pillar. I can look over the mountains for miles and miles seeing everything. I waste the time by shooting Moldorms that are miles away.

Day-31 Today was very exciting the Green man (The real one) tried to come through the Bulbin Camp today. He shot at me from over top of the Hills but he missed and as soon as I saw him shoot I shot back and hit him straight on. He ran away but I found out while I was sleeping that night he snuck in and got to the Arbiter's Grounds somehow. This man must be Super Hylian.

Day-34 I have now been stationed in a new place atop the steep of the Eldin Bridge. The Green Man came today and tried to get up the Steep across from mying but before I could shoot he hit me with a boomerang like thing. I was dazed and could still see but couldn't move. I saw him move an owl Statue and write some weird words in a small old ragged book. I don't understand but afterwards he turned into a wolf and disappeared through the Twilight Portal. I thought I was dreaming but Im not sure.

Day-40 The War is over said the king today after we were all told to gather back at our tribal home. He said that we have decided to join the Green man's side, his name is spelled weird it is something like Link. Link then defeated Ganondorf and brought back peace to Hyrule. Celebration begins today.

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