Day 1- Hello Bulbins reading this. My name is Bul and Today is my birthday and I was given this Diary for my Birthday. I am a bulbin who lives in the Gerudo Desert. I live with all the other Bulbin's. My parents are the King's Servants and I am only a teen.

Day-3 Today a man named Ganondorf came to our small Tribe. He asked for our help from King Bulbin. He said that he would give us power beyond any we could ever imagine. The King agreed and now an army is being formed and sent out to different parts of Hyrule to do various jobs.

Day-6 Today is my lucky day I have been chosen to be part of the Army but I have to go through training. At least I am an expert Archer. Today was also the first day I had ever rode a Bulbo. I am now a proficient rider with my Bulbo named Bo.

Day-9 Today was my first mission I was chosen out of many to go with King Bulbin to bring Twilight to a new area of Hyrule. We went to a place called Ordon. When we got there King Bulbin ran through and took a girl while I hit a man in Green with my club who was trying to attack the King. I was congratulated when I got back to the Camp.

Day-15 Today for some reason Sunlight has come back to portions of Hyrule. But no matter I had another mission today. I went with King Bulbin to defend him from the Green man today. When we went to Kakariko Village to rekidnap a couple of the children who got away we got in a fight with the green man again and I got hurt and sent to the hospital.

Day-18 Today I was released from the Hospital but I was told that I was to be stationed in the freezing cold Snowpeak Province.

Part 2

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