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Nadarian Soldiers are the collective term for the warriors of the kingdom of Nadaria, a land located near the kingdom of Hyrule. These soldiers are well trained and disciplined, and are also willing to sacrifice their lives for their kingdoms cause. While similar to most knights in terms of battle, they use more advanced technology compared to other kingdoms at the time, such as crossbows. They appear in the fanfic Shadows of Oblivion.


A typical Nadarian Soldier is clad in heavy ebony armor capable of deflecting most light attacks, though it is susceptible to heavier blows. Forged repeatedly with other metals, it is light-weight yet extremely durable, granting the soldiers maneuverability as well as a sturdy defense against attackers.

Usually, soldiers armed with axes, blades, maces, etc... will wear a heavier, denser armor due to they are usually deployed in the thick of battle, and are usually equipped with kite shields.

Crossbowmen, on the other hand, usually wore lighter, thinner armor due to they are usually positioned farther back, behind the main lines. They usually use pavises in order to defend themselves, as well as bucklers attached to their arms.


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A typical warrior is usually equipped with an arming sword, as well as side weapons such as daggers and maces. Spearmen, however, have only their spears and a batch of javelins tied to their backs. Crossbowmen tend to have only crossbows, though some are armed with various blades so that they can keep away close range attackers.

A unique group of ball-and-chain soldiers use their spiked weapons to keep foes at a distance and a single-handed longsword to keep those who get to close away.

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