Aliases (According to Zola) "Idiot"
Timeline Base Heroes of Destiny
Age 23-41
Gender Male
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Zora
Hometown Zora's Domain
Family/Clan (Wife)Zola, (Son)Mikey, (Son)Zane
Title and Rank Soldier
Weapons Spear
Special Abilities Swimming
Introduced In Heroes of Destiny
Stories Featured In Heroes of Destiny, The Raging Sapphire, Layden's Adventure
Author(s) Herooftwilight

Mikau is a soldier in the Zora army.


Mikau is carefree and is always joking around. However, when he is in the heat of battle, he becomes a fearless fighter.



Mikau and Zola are always arguing over Mikau's carefree behavior.

Bosses DefeatedEdit

  • Gyorg (HoD)
  • Crocana (HoD)
  • Reak(TRS)
  • Vidofnir(TRS)
The Heroes of Destiny
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