Midna (F.S.)
Timeline Base Twilight Princess
Age 18-25
Gender Female
Species Twili
Title and Rank Ruler of the Twilight Realm
Special Abilities Psychochenisis

Midna is the current Twilight Princess and is the namesake of the only game she has taken place in. In TP Midna takes the place of Link's partner, starting off as uncaring and sarcastic she makes it perfectly clear that the only think she wants is the power the insane usurper King Zant took from her when he trapped her in the form of an unattractive imp. While Midna starts off as cold and vindictive, she soon begins to feel guilty for the way she treats Link after seeing just how couragous and self-sacrificing he and Zelda are. At the end of Twilight Princess, Midna reverts back to her true form, that of a beautiful and powerful ruler. There is heavy speculation as to Midna's view of Link at the end of the game, mostly due to her sentance of "Link, I um... see you later." many people belive that Midna developed a love interest in Link.

Alternate FormEdit

Midna (T.F.)

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