Overview Edit


Maku Babas, otherwise known as Pirahna Plants, are carnivorous plants that tend to inhabit tight spaces, relying on the element of surprise to attack and devour potential prey. Potential habitats for these plants include dark moist environments such as caverns and underground city waterworks.

The only way to make Maku Babas perish is to slash in the same direction that the foe's mouth is open. As such, slicing the sword vertically while the Maku Baba has its mouth open horizontally will not be effective in the defeat of these creatures. They can also be defeated using bombs. Rolling, throwing, or placing a bomb close to a Maku Baba will tempt it to gobble it up, causing the bomb to explode inside the Maku Baba and thus killing it.

Maku Babas drop Maku Nuts, Maku Seeds, and Maku Sticks, as useful items to be utilized by those that fell them.

Gold Maku Baba Edit


The Gold Maku Baba, often called the Quadro Baba for short, is an uncommon mutation of Maku Baba with a gold exterior and a blue tongue. Unlike normal Maku Babas, it can open its mouth both horizontally and vertically, and possesses a tougher head. When it attacks, it opens its mouth fully, making it vulnerable to both horizontal and vertical attacks. To defeat this enemy, Link must slice alongside the opening of its mouth, using a vertical slice if its mouth is opened vertically or a horizontal slice if its mouth is opened horizontally. It is more durable than the Maku Baba, requiring multiple strikes of the Sword to defeat instead of just one. It can also be defeated by throwing a bomb into its mouth or by cutting its stem with the Beetle.

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