Chapter 8: Normal again

“Oh! I see you got your precious item back!” the mask salesman congratulated them both.

“Now follow along after me.” he instructed.

Kayla stared in shock when a big piano appeared out of nowhere. He played a song on it, and Link got out his ocarina’s pipes. The song he mimicked sounded peaceful, and made her feel good.

A flash of light surrounded Link for a few seconds. Kayla had to shield her eyes, and when she looked at him again, she was shocked at what she saw.

Where the little deku scrub was before, was now a young boy. The REAL Link. He had the same green cap and short, blond hair with bangs arching in front of his face. He had electric blue eyes, slightly long and pointed ears. He was wearing brown boots that looked a little too big for him, and a green outfit.

“ Link you’re…” She couldn’t finish.

“ I’m back to normal!” he cheered. “ Well, I wouldn’t say normal, but at least back to the way you were. But, hey, I can live with that.” Kayla joked.“ Thank you.” He smiled like it was a complement.

Maybe in his world, it was.

“ So, um… what next?” Tatl interrupted, noticing they were staring at each other.

“Well, first, did you bring Majora’s mask back?” the salesman asked.

“Oh…um, right…the mask? Er, we kinda missed that…” Link said slowly.

“Don’t tell me…my mask…you did get it back…didn’t you?” he tried to understand what Link was saying. His eyes widened in anger. “ What have you done to me?!” he lifted Link off the ground and shook him. “ If you don’t get that mask back, terrible things will happen!”

Kayla stepped in and grabbed Link to pull him away.” Hey! Don’t go berserk on him! We didn’t really have the power to beat the Skull kid!”.He put Link down, who fell to the floor.

“Listen to me. The mask that was stolen from me… it was Majora’s mask. It was used in ancient hexing rituals .It is said that an evil and wicked power is bestowed upon the one who wears it…according to legend, the destruction of the mask was so great… that the ancient ones, fearing such catastrophe, seal the mask in darkness forever. But the tribe has disappeared so no one knows the true power of the mask. But I feel it. It‘s that unwelcoming feeling that makes your hair stand on end. I went through great lengths to get that mask, and now the imp has it…” he finished.

“ Oh, so that’s why you want to get it back ASAP, right?” Kayla said.

“ ASAP?” Link asked. Kayla sighed.

“ It stands for as soon as possible, Link.” she explained.

He just gave her a weird look, and turned back to the salesman.

“So how do we get it back?” he asked.

Kayla looked at Link’s feet, feeling stupid for not noticing it before.

“ Link, what’s that by your feet? It looks like a mask of your old face.” she pointed.

Link looked surprise and picked up the mask to examine it.

“ Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, the song you played heals cursed or wandering spirits, turning them into masks. Do not fear, the mask’s magic is now inside the mask. When you put it on, you’ll become a deku scrub again. But now you’ll be able to take it off, and become a human again. Take it with you.

“ Sweet. Put it on! I want to see, Link!” Kayla urged.

“Ok here I go.” he put it on and stumbled over. Kayla almost thought he was in pain. “Link? Are you ok?”

He was a deku scrub again.

“ Ugh, I think so… but that was weird. It wasn’t as bad as before, when the Skull kid did it. “ Whoa! That’s awesome! Er… if it’s ok with you, it is your mask, so…” he took the mask of( Like he was taking his face off) and was human again.

“Alright, careful with it. Just put it to your face. That’s all it takes.” he handed it to Kayla, and she put it towards her face.

“ Huh. This feels really weird. Like it’s covering me…” Kayla mumbled.

“Wow. You’re different than I thought you’d look.” Link observe red.

She was the same height as deku Link. She still had her long, dark blond hair on her head, she still had her skirt and the short sleeved shirt. Instead of her blue eyes, she had eyes like Link had, but more smaller.

“ Cool.” she took it off.“ Let’s get back out to Clock town, guys!” Tatl chimed.

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