Link left the dungeon alone. I cant believe she's gone, he thought. But there was no time. Link felt a force coming from the temple of time. He rushed in and grabbed the master sword. suddenly, stairs led up to the back window. running up the stairs, he was on the roof. a voice behind him said "Iv'e been waiting for you, Link". Link whirled around. Floating above the temple was a Face with red eyes and ugly teeth. Two floating hands joined the face. the face said" i am Sepulchre, the demon king. you may hve beten my minions, but i am invincible!" he summoned alarge black sword to his hand. So the two of them fought. Link grew tired, but Princess Zelda broke free and helped Link win. They were grievously wounded. the last thing they heard was footsteps of the sailors.

                              THE END

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