Zenith, the mighty warlord hailing from the kingdom of Nadaria, is the leader of a massive force that is attempting to subdue and conquer the kingdom of Hyrule in the fanfic Shadows of Oblivion. A skilled warrior, he is skilled when it comes to both fighting in and commanding his forces in battle. He is extremely strict, and does not accept failure by his troops unless its cause is reasonable.


He wears a gilded silver chain mail for armor, though his arms and legs are covered in robes, giving him an elegant look and making his movements seem fluid-like as moves through the battlefield. His gauntlets end in talon-like claws which increase his combatant skills when it comes to unarmed battles. Finally, upon his head he wears a large helm in the shape of a bull's skull, and in its center rests a large ruby. This helm gives him a nearly demonic appearance in low light areas, and he is not a known to remove it unless he has absolutely no need to wear it.


Zenith, even in the midst of combat, usually always has a calm demeanor surrounding him, and it not known for showing off any form of raw emotion. He has, however, had minor outbursts when it comes to being told of information that affect his plans. Intelligent, he is usually three steps ahead of his opponent, planning and coordinating his attacks with ruthless efficiency.

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