Chapter Two: A Really, Really, "Good" NightEdit

Link raced into Kokiri Village and ran through the various huts and shops. Hopefully Malon was home instead of shopping for the cake, or out with her bridesmaids. He needed to tell her they had to leave: now.

Link burst into their wooden hut.


No answer.

Link searched the bathroom and found nothing. Living room? Nothing. Bedroom? Link ran into their bedroom, and as he entered, he shouted, "Malon?"

The door slammed shut behind him. There Malon was naked, with a cow's horn headbeand in her head and a cow bell around her neck.

"Yes, baby?"

Link stared. He could never not stare. His soon to be wife was beautiful, and not to mention her huge chest...

A few years ago, she'd just been a little girl, same age as him, on Lon Lon Ranch. Now she had her own milk supply- big ones, too.

"Malon, we gotta leave," he said, reminding himself.

"But Link. our wedding!" She walkedd up and nudged him onto the bed. Climbing ontop of him, she began to massage her breasts in his face. "And besides-" she smiled- "I was hoping we could... have a little non-married 'fun'."



Malon's moan problem rang out across the land, for at the time, Link's junk was in her trunk. Her warm, tanish body fit perfectly on his stick, and it even made her fairy Leaf leave the room, angred at what they were doing.

Link went in deeper.

"OH! LINK! OH LINK! PLEASE OH!" Malon screamed.
File:Link and Malon.jpg

Finnaly, they both reached their climax. Sweaty and soar, they lay side by side, huffing and puffing.

"My god Link... I'd forgoten how good you were."

See. It was his beddyness that had won her over.


Link woke up the next morning to a scremaing Malon- the happy kind of scream, not the bad kind.

"What's up babe?" he asked.

"I-I'm pregnant, Link."

Link almost feinted. Pregnant. Damn! He'd never wanted kids this early in their relationship! Crap!

"Ha, that's great babe. You and I'll make wonderfull presents."

She leaned over and kissed him.

"Well then, let me go find my bridesmaids. And don't come looking for me. It's bad luck to see your bride before the wedding."

She smiled and pulled on some clothes. She trotted out the door and dissappeard.

After a few seconds...

Link jolted upwards. He'd forgoten- in all the "commotion"- that some evil was out for Malon! He stood up, slid into his clothes, and raced out the door. But outside, only the wind approached him softly...

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