Introduction Edit

Notice Edit

This is merely a fanfic and should not be taken into the real Zelda timeline. I just wanted to express my ideas for the Zelda series. Hope you enjoy!


Lost Artifacts in Relation to the Zelda Timeline Edit

The Legend of Zelda series has been a collection of legends, stories and even different realities. Lost Artifacts is the story of a young boy who lives during a time of peace, a 100 years after the events of Spirit Tracks. New Hyrule has stopped using trains for travel for some reason that is unknown. It may have to do with the tracks being damaged after an incident with a rogue train engineer who destroyed all the tracks so the royal guard couldn't catch him. He was eventually caught but almost every track was destroyed. It would be too much work to fix the tracks so they resolved to airborne travel by bird. Now, the royal guard just captures thieves. Life in Hyrule is peaceful. For now.

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