This is a legend passsed down. It tells of a time of peace and when it's darkest secrets are dug up. This story begins in the land of Hyrule. A beautiful place with great diversity. Whether it be the driest of deserts, or the wettest jungles, Hyrule has been at peace. In this land, there lies a small little village just outside of Faron Woods. Here, a young man, at age 15, begins his morning routine. He gets himself prepared, adorning his casual blue tunic and training sword. Today was the final day of Hyrule's School of Knights As he began to walk towards the stables so he can borrow a horse so he can travel to Hyrule Town, where the school was located. When he walked into the stables, he was surprised by his uncle, Ferrand. Standing beside him was a beautiful red brown horse that pawed the ground anxiously.

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