...Until I Saw Your Smile... Edit

"Alright, show your self." I say out loud. The creature seems to be moving frantically throughout my living room for I can here fast movement all around me. I raise my two lit arrows up and try to locate him but as I did so, he stopped and was out of sight. "What the hell? Where did you... go?" I ask myself out loud but as I finish that sentence my very spine chills. I turn my head to look behind me and there it was. Its green eyes looked down upon me. I let everything pause for a moment before I strike.

I quickly turn around to release my arrows but he kicks me in the chest and sends me flying into the couch. In air I let go of the arrows and send them to it yet he was gone before they even went in the air. The arrows stick into the and begin to set ablaze. The room lights up quick. I get to my feet only to be kicked in the face. I rise up to the ceiling only to hit my head and crash into the table. I open my eyes and see it on the ceiling staring into me again. It screeches a pitch so high my head and ears began to hurt. It felt like my head was going to explode. I look back at it. I feel my magic expelling around us. The power grows and begins to control the fire that had surely spread around the house. I made it grow more and more still it jumped right at the creature. He must have been flammable because he lit quick.

"That's right. Burn fucker, burn." I say breathing heavily." He drops down to ground hissing. I stand up and look over him. "Wow, what a bitch. To think that you who was beating me to be so powerless to fire? I was just getting started too." I say to him and kick him in the head. He stops hissing. I go to the kitchen and take a rope that I remembered to be there. I tie him up, kick open the door and drag him out. I see Ark pull Veil out of his stable for the fire had reached there. I look back to see my house collapse. I look down and let tears begin to drip. I look at my hand to see my triforce glow. I raise my head and look at Ark poke at the creature with his sheathed sword. I walk over to Ark and look at the creature. "We have questions. And I know he's gonna answer them." I say to Ark. "Well what should we do?" Ark looks up and ask. "Grab a leg." I reply.

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