When I left... Edit

"Do you think Relyt is where he needs to be Argorok?" Saria ask from behind me. "No? We only left an hour ago?" I reply with question. "Oh... It's just that it feels way longer. We've been heading down this same path for an hour! We head out the forest, up a mountain and then what do we see? Snow and frozen rock! I don't get how trees grow here though considering we lived one." Saria goes on. "Well true, most trees don't grow leaves and continue on like these but these aren't normal trees. They grow in wintery conditions as if it was spring. Since it's so cold here all the time, I would imagine them to never really die. They could be of untold age." Tatl adds in. "I don't really care about any of this! This whole place has gotten to annoy me all ready! I mean look how far we've gone from that place and how deep we've gotten into this!" I speak out. "Argorok... what's the matter?" Saria tries to ask. "Nothing. Just stay here, I'll be right back." I say as I pull Steel to a stop and leap off.

Were my eyes deceiving me? When Relyt and I set off... he... no. It must have been a illusion.

I continue forward through snow. Nothing interesting, nothing new...

Okay, so what if I saw what I saw then... his eyes... and what he said about a father... does that mean we have the same one? Wait, what the heck was that?

I something plummets to the ground behind me. I turn and run to with my blade and shield in hand. A white wolfos lie dead. I look up to see where it came from. It looked like something beat it and then though it off. I ran back back to the horse without answering Saria or Tatl's questions. I lead the horse up to where I went, observed the wolfos once more and scaled up a frozen hill to the top of the mountain. Half way there, another wolfos flies out. We rush up to the top to reveal much more damage. The top of the mountain had been wrecked. The trees snapped, wolfos every where. It must have been a fight of at least 10 men... or one big one?

"Argorok, look at the footprints! They're much much bigger than a normal persons." Saria throws out with fear in her tone. "Or anything normal for that matter. I've never seen anything like these footprints before. Have you Tatl?" I say as I look to Tatl. "...hmm? Oh, no. Never actually." She says unfocused. I walk over to where she is and see that the tracks of whatever this head behind down the mountain. "Argorok, these foot prints are going the same way I feel the presence of the pearl." Tatl whispers. "Looks like we're following it then." I reply.

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