Me: Father? You? No.

???: Yes. I am Lord Vaati, Lord of Darkness. You are my son Relyt. Nayru, for some reason had a fetish of having sex with prisoners. Sadly I was the one she picked. If I was to get her pregnant, I would be released. Sadly, when I was released, I was sentenced to spend the rest of my time in the Dark World. All portals to the light world were cut. I had still not gained freedom, at least for long. When you were born, a portal was released. It led to you. For some reason, you needed your father. Your sister, blocked me from being in it some how, bitch.

Me: Don't you ever call her that again!

Vaati: Continuing on, I was only able to shadow you. But when you "killed" Ganondorf, another portal was released. Him going in, me coming out. Well, when I came out I was weak, I had to wait to gain my strength, which I did. Now, I can't stay for long, unless I kill you. Another portal will be opened and I can live freely.

Me: Hah. That is all bull. You look nothing like me.

Vaati: Not now. You take after your bitch of a mother.


Vaati: No little comment? No " don't call her that"?

Me: She is a bitch.

Vaati: That is one trait you gained. You look more like me, act more like me when you are in a battle. And when you use your rage. That thing that happens to you when you get mad, you know, your eyes get red, and face gets pale and a odd marking appears under you eye and the wings of course.

Me: Pale? Marking? Wings?

Vaati: That hasn't happened yet!?! Wait.....of course I know why, you haven't gone full rage.

Me: So what, am I a dragon or something?

Vaati: ....No...more like a demon.

Me: Even better.

Vaati: Lets change that now!

Relyt VS VaatiEdit

Battle begins. He elbows me, quickly. As i recover, he pulls out a sword and we begin a sword battle. He and I are even, slash after slash, he blocks and counters. I do the same. He slowly gets faster, hit harder strikes faster, becomes harder to avoid until the point where it is either keep my sword hitting his or get cut. An opening for a direct opens quickly. I take, thrusting at his stomach. He inhumanly throws his neck backwards and thrust my chest in return.

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