Dear Relyt, I am selling your stuff. That would mean your bow, sword, boots, and of course your guitar, which was stupid of you to bring. With these out of our way, we can have a healthier relationship. If you get mad, I'll shout rape. Oh, and when we get back, I forbid you from hanging out with Argorok, Darvus, Vio or Ark, they are destroying our relationship. I am kicking Malon out and taking her place in your house. I also expect two children by the end of this year.

Your dear sweet, Ilia <3

The HuntEdit

Ark: Relyt, let me see the note.......Oh....dude, can we chop her head off and put it on a stick?

Me: First, we are going to make her swallow 3 gallons of hair spay, light a heat stone, put down her mouth and watch her burn from the INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A odd fellow comes up to me, he is wearing tight shorts.

???: Mail sir. You have a package from...Zauz's island.

He hands me a box. I open. A bright light shines out. I pull something out, a sword, with a note on it.

Zauz's Nephew: Here ya go, the Phantom Sword. Those metals you gave me helped me create this. I sent it to Aryll, but she sent it back and said to give it to you.

I put it on my back. We dart of to a shop known as, "Shop Stop". A old man said that he saw a girl carrying items that fit my missing items description. We come up to it, pretty quick too. Ilia was just about to enter.

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