Me: Are you serious?

Blondie: Yep. Malon, Ilia and Linket are coming with me to get some stuff.

Ramone, Ark and I leave to check out the place. We agree to meet back here. We walk around, people staring at us. Girls laugh. Men mad dog us. Women grab their daughter our age and pull them away while they check us out. As we continue on, we get ambushed by moblins, randomly. I pull my sword out and slice away. Ark follows. Ramone pulls out a boomerang and uses it. It has this odd fire power that when it hits the target, it sets on fire. we finish them off. We keep going the way we are going. More moblins poor in. We know we hit something. The deeper we go in, the more that come. We are just fine, until the darknuts come. They are much harder and require more energy, especially when the moblins are running around, being an annoyance. We reach the end. They slam in like tidal waves. Each one we kill, 5 more appear. We are really weak. They slowly stop. We finally finish them off. We are bleeding, bruised, skinned and depleted of energy. I look up and a strange darkness covers over us. We take off running from it. I look back and see a face. I see a fairly small resemblance in it. It reminds me when I use the Triforce Rage. The area soon becomes consumed with darkness and we are running through it. We look both ways, no light. Out of nowhere a window appears. We leap out. Our eyes are closed. We open our eyes, we are falling down into pile of trash.

Me: What the hell? Where are we now?

Ramone: Looks like the back of The Bay Wash.

We get out of the trash and dust our selves off. Our clothes are completely shredded and smell like shit. We walk on to meet the girls. Blondie has hair a dark brown now.

Me: So I guess we can't call you Blondie now.

???: Yes, my name is Alex! You guys never stopped to find out!

Me: Sorry. Hey, Ramone, we can't go along looking like this. Where is the closest punk shop?

Ramone: Oh. Well the nearest sucks ass. If you can wait one more week, then we get all the goods.

And so we did.

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