Ramone: Sorry this tour hasnt been pretty cool. Hey how about I treat you to a drink?

Me: We are a bit you young. How are gonna score a couple of drinks at this time?

Ramone: Oh yeah. Well lets go to the shores and wait till night.

We did as he said. It was fun for a while. But then Malon and Ilia got into another fight.

Me: Blondie break them up.

Blondie: Stop calling me that!

Ark: I'll do it!

Me: Stay away from my girl.

Ilia and Malon: Me! No me! Me! ME!!

Me: Somebody shut them up!

Ramone whispers something into my ear, and then we whisper it into Ark's. He smiles. I walk up to blondie and give her a kiss on the cheek. Malon and Ilia turn and attack. We laugh at them and notice that Linket isn't in the mess.

Linket: Relyt, you try and I'll get my guards to execute you shamefully when we get back.

I stop laughing. The day goes by quickly, with me explaining I have no interest in Blondie and merely kissed her to get her to the fight.

Ramone: Time to go! We are heading to the Bay Wash!.

Ramone leads us to a small little pub. A goron is blocking the entrance. Ramone gives him a big bag of rupees. We all enter in and listen to some bands play ska. Blondie gets up with Ark and start skanking. I get a drink and join in with Linket while Ramone talks with his friends and Ilia and Malon continue to bicker.

Guy: Hey, check out that blonde girl. She skanks hot!

Man: Woo! Check out that blondie, shake that ass!

Blondie: How do you shake ass when skanking? You are really just skipping? And I'm freakin thirteen!

Man: Ooo, so young, looks like she needs to get touched!

Ark: Not while I'm here!

The two perverts back up and walk away, only because Ark pulled out his sword.

Blondie: Oh thank you Ark!

Blondie kisses him. He puts his hand on her ass, and his face is slapped. We laugh and get out, drunk as empty bottles. Skipping around. We fall asleep in a cleaner alley this time. We all wake up.

Blondie: I am dying my hair brown.

Authors NotesEdit

  • Ska is a type of music
  • Skanking is a dance to Ska music

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