We land in some pathetic area.

Me: Is this The Bay?

Ramone: Yep, we're in the center. Compared to the rest, this place is the best.

The area was horrible. It was dirty, there was poverty and crime all around us.

Ramone: It's getting late. I gotta go, good luck trying to find a place to stay.

Ramone runs off. We begin looking for some where to stay. Everywhere was booked. We ended up sleeping on the streets. I woke up around 2 AM. I looked up and saw the stars. They looked great. I began sweating. I looked to left, Ilia was hugging, I looked to my right, Malon was hugging me. I pulled out from the both of them. I ran off. I began walking through the alleys. Then I saw that girl again. I was walking to her, she then looked at me and ran. I headed back and fell asleep again. When we all woke up, Ramone was ready to continue on with our tour.

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