Ark: Lyt, really? How the hell do we get there?

Me: Mmm...

I say as I look up at the moon. It's broad day and it's shining out in the sky.

Me: I've got an idea. We're gonna need a cannon.

Ark: ......Wtf? Where are we gonna find one?

5 minutes later...

Me: Thanks man, I owe you one.

Joey: No problem! It's the least I can do for you guys embarrassing my band. Now get out of my town.

BOOM! We launch into the skies as Joey sets the cannon off. We soar through the air directly at the moon. The Moon seems to be a lot closer than I expected...wait, what?

Ark: Here we go!

Me: We're going to fast! We're gonna go right through it!

Ark: This is gonna be fun!

Ark readys his sword. I do the same with mine. The moon is about a mile away.

Me,'I hope Hyrule is fine. I hope what's in here doesn't drag me on before Hyrule is in danger...Looks like I'll find out.'

We crash right through the moon and land into its center. I get up and myself off. I look around. Its a big circular room.

Vaati: Welcome Relyt. Are you ready to finish this?

Ark and I look behind us to see Vaati getting up out of his throne. Shadow reforms beside him to he right and Ilia to the left.

Ilia: Allow me to take the first shot!

Relyt V.S IliaEdit

She floats up into the center of the room and begins charging energy in here hand. I swap to my bow and run around the room. She begins throwing bolts at me. She's very accurate for I have to dive and roll to avoid. I load my bow and fire a ice arrow at her. I don't remember bring those. It must have been Farore or maybe I'm just being forgetful. Ilia freezes and drops to the floor. I charge at her and and slash as I swap to my swords. The ice slides into a wall and shatters. Ilia falls to the ground.

Ilia: That wasn't very nice Relyt. It seems my bolts aren't doing much damage to you, well let me take it up a notch!

Me: Yeah, lets see what you got!

Spinning water orbs form in my hand.

Ilia: Die Relyt!

Ilia with floats up and begins shooting web at me within her palms. I back flip and roll dodging them.

Me: Tsunami Drill!

I throw the orbs at her as they turn into darts and spin around each other to form a drill. The attack eats Ilia and smashes her into a wall. Ilia staggers to get up.

Vaati: Enough of these games! We'll kill you now!

Stephani comes crashing through at Ark and I. She gets up and dusts herself off.

Stephani: Not without me.

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