Shadow warps infront of me. He's changed. Almost identical to me. Same face, same hair, same swords.

Shadow: Damn, you knew that fast? Haha no matter. I can't believe you are still here!

Me: What are you talking about?

Shadow: You don't know?

Me: Clearly!

Shadow: Haha well beat me and I'll tell you!

Me: That can be arranged.

Relyt V.S. ShadowEdit

I flip both blades in my hands. He pulls out his and charges at me. I slash at him and he back flips. Shadow got stronger. He bares a massive amount of energy that circles around him. His speed has increased as well but not enough to beat me.

He bounces back again, trying his attack. But it comes to the same ending. He tries once more but with a faster movement. I realize that he's just gonna build up speed and momentum and end up hitting me. I let him closer to me, but as his blade got two inches away from my flesh, exert a overall energy field that blast him back. He launches upward doing a twirl and lands on his feet.

Shadow: Hmm, nicely done. I didn't expect that at the last minute. Well we're just gonna have to turn things up.

Me: Yeah, we'll see about that.

I felt his strength increase. It was surprisingly high. But it didn't matter, what I was about to release would put it to shame. For the first time I was in control of such amount of power where I wasn't blind with rage. I had released my light power.

Light Released Relyt V.S Dark ShadowEdit

Gold spectral wings emit from by back. I lift up and take to the skies. A gold aura surrounds me and my blades. Shadow follows right after me. He bares black bat wings. A fly right at him at a speed so fast that I just vanish. He some how blocks the blow though. I continue on with the attacks, nothing gets to him. He finally makes a move and unleashes a combo at me but it was a failure. We slash at each other once more and as our blades met, thunder clapped. We both bounced back. He was knocked off guard by this sound and show that I seized this opportunity to unleash a slash at him. My energy jumped off my blade whipped him straight down. I followed him down and made his crash much more brutal by adding a gruesome downthrust. Black energy balls fly up and reappears to my left beaten, battered and bloody.

Shadow: ....How...How Relyt, How....

He drops down and warps away.

I let go of my energy. It swirls around and retracts inside me. I look behind me to see Lex leap at me with open arms.

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