I run home to get the guys.

Me: Help!! The fuzz got Stephani!!

Ark: Oh damn!!! What do we do!!

Me: Lets break her out.

Alex: Aye!

Ark, Alex and I run to the police station. I look through a window to see cops, punks and parents. Many are screaming. Stephani is in a corner crying. I whisper a plan to Alex and Ark. Ark and Alex run in acting like idiots, breaking things, shouting. I slash the wall down, it crumbles. Punks run out. I run to Stephani, grab her, toss her on my back and run.

Stephani: Relyt? You came to get me!

Me: Of course I did! I couldn't let you rot in there! Well not that you would I mean cause you are pretty for that. Not that all I care about is looks, because I am not like that at a-

Stephani: Shut up and kiss me.

I do as she ask. We sit there, behind an alley kissing. We were there all most of the night just kissing.

Alex: Aww, how cute. I need a man to kiss like that.

Ark: Yeah and I need a chick to get in the sack with.

Alex: Oh shut up!!

We stop to look at them.

Me: Come on, lets go some drinks, I'll take you home.

We walk to a local mart, run in and steal some alcohol. By some, I mean a lot. Six bottles in everyones arms. We crack em' open drink till they're empty.

Me: Errp. Home. Lets....go...yeah?

Stephani: I'm a go go with you. Whoops I fell down!

Stephani falls. So I pick her up and carry her.

Ark: You know what Alex, I'm a f**k you. Right now and right here.

Alex: No, not here. When we get home. I wanna get f**ked. I really wanna by you cause I-I-I secretly love you, but don't tell you I said that.

Ark: Promise.

Me: Hey, lets f**k too, yeah?

Stephani: Before I go night night.

We arrived home. Everyone was asleep. Must have been drinking too. We all fulfilled what we said were going to do.

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