Unreleased RelytEdit

Me:'What...what is happening? Why is this happening? Why did I have to be the hero of wisdom? Why couldn't I just be a regular boy? Why did Ilia use me? Why did my father kill me? Why? Why? WHY?

........Heeheeheeeheee! I hate them! I hate them all! They all despise me! My brothers. My friends.

No. They don't, they love me.

No! They hate you Relyt, don't listen to yourself, listen to me! They wish you were all dead! Why would your father try to kill?

He is selfish! He is evil! If he was a real father, he would never try to murder you!

But then why would his girlfriend try to kill him? They all want you. They want to use you. Suck you dry. Use your power fro themselves. Fill you with false hope, like there all ways is a happy ending. Once they see you are to strong and begin making decisions for yourself, they want to kill you. Throw you away. And when they are done using you to get what they want, they toss you away like garbage. You herd Ilia yourself.

Relyt, release your anger now, on your father. Don't listen to the dark. Follow the light, it leads to happiness, joy, enlightenment. Go now.

Light Unreleased Relyt VS Released VaatiEdit

Me: No. You will never get to find your happiness this way.

I grab my swords on the floor and get back. I use the Triforce Rage to get me in my Light Unreleased form. Light energy flows around me. Vaati morphs into a floating eyeball with a black cloud behind him. He flew at me, I took a single swipe at him, he morphed back. He was bleeding in pain.

Vaati: How the hell? We will continue this fight later.

Vaati vanishes. I return to normal. But my heart is in pain, not physically, but mentally.

Ark: Relyt?

Me: My heart hurts.

It would seem the wound had healed. After that event, we never talked. But we had a new mission. We need to find a home, soon. Ramone broke the silence when he learned that a hurricane was coming.

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