Ramone V.S. ArkEdit

Ark runs at the unknown pervert. He rips out his sword and slashes away. Ark is really well in swordsmanship arts, especially when he is pissed. Last time he was hacking away at something at this speed was when Aryll was about to get smashed by a moblin and it's club. He has some mystic, red energy, that appears around his blade. He was preforming many different attacks, parry swipe, down thrust, helm splitter, back slice and even his finishing blow, Ending Thrusts. In ending thrusts, ark slashes the enemy upwards and begins thrusting at him/ her in mid air. Well Ark didn't land a slash, but he did jump up to be thrust at. Sadly, Ark's thrusting was impressively dodged. This rogue person has high acrobat skills.

???:Wow. Only a poser would do that horribly.

Suddenly his hair in front falls down.

???:What!?! How did you do that? You never even touched me!

Then his his shirts splits in two and his arm gets a slash.

???:......AHHHH!! Damn poser!!

He rips out his blade and darts at Ark to slash at him. Ark is exhausted from his sword play, and is on his knees panting. He attempts to slash but his blade slams against mine instead.

Relyt Vs RamoneEdit

???:Damn, you're pretty quick.

Me:Ark may not have been a challenge, but I am.

He strikes at me with a powerful, quick thrust. I back flip and slash down at him. He barely dodges it. He pursues to try a odd slashing combo on me, failure. I perform a intense, quick combo of slashing and thrusting. He avoids all of it until the last strike. He gets cut. He yells ouch, and with the back of my sword(hilt), I smash it into his nose. Blood drips down. He backs up holding his nose. I strongly kick him in the stomach, then push him down and begin rapidly beating his head into the dirt.

Ilia:Relyt, enough!

???:Wait, what? Your Relyt!


???:And you must be Ark, right?


???:Oh crap! Dude, you guys gotta forgive me. I'm Ramone.

Me:Wait, Ramone?

Ark:As in Ramone from Monster Squad?


Author NotesEdit

  • Monster Squad is a real band
  • Ramone is not an actual band member from the real band, Monster Squad
  • Ark has a crush on Aryll and Blondie
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