Link the Hero

Sword, Boomerang, Hammer, Clawshot, Bombs, Mace, etc.
Jirto Village
Sparks - Brother, Julia - Mother
Hero of Hyrule
Using Magic, Great Swordsmanship
Appears in
All Zelda Games and Dagger of Darkness

Link is an 18 year old boy and the hero of Dagger of Darkness. In the game, he gets the Hyrule Sword from a pedestal behind King Dekus Palace.


Link has dirty blonde hair and a long green cap. His green tunic has a belt running diagonally form his left shoulder. Link has long ears, and an undershirt. While Link is wearing the Wekoi Tunic, all the green would be purple instead.


Link has a big pack that holds dungeon items, shields, and bottle items. He also has a scabberd and a quiver.

The Pre - Life of LinkEdit

Link grew up in a small village. His father died from a heart attack when Link was only four years old. Over the years, Link did chores and studied Legends of Hyrule. His chores included dusting, carving, helping the water men and many others. When Link was sixteen, his mother died of a disease. To help Link pay for food and water, the mayor of the village gave Link a job. He became good friends with the mayor. One day, when Link was 17, the mayor gave Link bundles of wood to build a new house. He lived in the house and a villager named Duari took care of him.

After the Events of Dagger of DarknessEdit

After this fanfis took place, Link didn't go back to the village but lived in Hyrule Castle Town. Link, who was the hero eventually had a huge mansion due to his savings of the land. Every once in a while he would actually go back to visit the village. At the age of 25, Princess Zelda asked Link to marry her. He accepted the offer and lived a happy life with her. When Link was 41, Princess Zelda became pregnant and had a young girl named Asua and a boy named Link Jr. Link died of old age when he was 93. They buried his body in a huge sanctuary tomb behind the castle in honor of him.

Friends/ FamilyEdit

  • Sparks - Link's Brother
  • Julia - Link's Mother
  • Finya - LInk's Fairy
  • Zelda - Link's Wife
  • Mayor - Link's Friend
  • Earl Rinat Fredson - Link's Friend


Link can find multiple items in this game like these:

  • Bottle
  • Training Sword
  • Wooden Shield
  • Hyrule Sword
  • Slingshot
  • Razor Seed
  • Deku Sticks
  • Small Key
  • Boss Key
  • Forest Mask
  • Ice Stick
  • Dagger
  • Fairy
  • Blue Fire
  • Fish
  • Icicle Mask
  • Festival Mask
  • Carnival Blast
  • Piece of Heart
  • Golden Medal
  • Heart Medal
  • Life Medal
  • Rupee Medal
  • Wallet
  • Medium Wallet
  • Big Wallet
  • Huge Wallet

And many many more!!!!!!!!


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