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Link Gale the first was the main character of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, and the first incarnation of the Hero of Time. Link was the first Triforce of Courage bearer.


During the Hyrulean Civil War, a villige near the ordon forest was raided by a team of bandits searching for the bearer if the Triforce. Many villagers were killed in the raid except one, her name was Myon. Myon fled into the Ordon forest with her baby. The baby's name was Link. Myon and Link were later attacked by the bandits. Myon was hit with an arrow, as she lay dying near a Deku tree, Myon asked fairies to take care of her baby Link. She then died. Link was raised by the fairies in the Deku tree.

10 years later, Link grew up as a swordsman. He fought the evil Ganondorf, ending with Ganon being banished to the Twilight Realm.

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