Link was the hero in The Legend of Zelda: The Soul Snatcher.

Gender Male
Race Hylian
Hometown Castle Town
Family Link (Grandfather) Link (Father)
Side Good
Nicknames Hero, Boy.
Skills Swordsmanship, Archery, Horseback Riding.
Hobbies Fishing, Horseback Riding |}

Life Edit

At the age of sixteeen months, Link was abducted from his parents and left to die on Hyrule Field. He was soon found by Talon, who raised him until he was six. Then, The King of Hyrule died and Lord Vladimir took to the throne. The new king ordered for all poor people to be sent to mines to dig for treasure. Link was sent to Cretewood Mine, where he served until the age of twelve. Then he discovered his friend, Forrest, was actually the reincarnated Forest Sage. Forrest took Link to his Grandfather (Link from Spirit Tracks.) His Grandfather sets him the task of slaying Gearred, The Soul Snatcher. Gearred had made the Natural Guardians evil. This meant Link had to slay Rotan, Blyzzard, Inferna, Hirgoth, H2billion and Ritollion King. After that, Link faced of against Gearred, Phantom Link and an army of Phantoms.

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