Link is the main protagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Lost Artifacts.

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Appearance Edit

Link has blonde hair, tan skin, and white eyes with black catlike pupils. He wears the classic green tunic worn by past heroes by the name Link. It is rumored that Link wears the same tunic as the Link in Spirit Tracks as he may be a descendant from him. He also wears the same hat, belt and boots.

Personality Edit

Link has an assortment of personalities but is normally very quiet. He has courage, aggresiveness, even love for people close to him.

Relationships Edit

Uncle Ferrand Edit

Uncle Ferrand has been a notable person in Link's life as he has taken care of him ever since his parents died. Uncle Ferrand's past has yet to be revealed.

Zelda (LA) Edit

Princess Zelda had met with Link at the Festival of Winds, a celebration honoring the courageous efforts of the Hero of Winds and the heroes following after. During the festival, Link had came face to face with Zelda and have developed a relationship since then. They have sent letters to each other to keep in touch.

Amelia Edit

A childhood friend, Link has developed quite a relationship with her, but Amelia has grown jealous since Zelda had met them. She still likes Link but has grown distant.

Alex Edit

A fellow knight-in-training, Link and Alex have developed a close bond.They are currently top of their class in Hurule's School for Knights.

Possesions Edit

Zelda's Pendant Edit

A mysterious pendant with the mark of the Hylian Family ecrusted in a mysterious material, purple in color. Given to him when him and Zelda first met.

Knight's Training Sword Edit

A steel sword used by students in knight's school

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