CONTINUED FROM CHAPTER 1... Link stopped screaming and blacked out, when he woke up, he was in the middle of the ocean, on the king of red lions, (Okay, im a rito so i'm gonna try to get my wings) he thought, Link tried to get his wings out, but he couldn't, (oh, i have to earn my wings like komali) link thought, he put up the sail and set sail to Dragon roost island, Link got there and walked to the cavern where all the ritos live, when he got there, two guards holding spears asked link "who are you?" in unison, link awnsered: I'm link, don't you remember me? the difference is i put on a mask and i permanently turned into a rito" link explained "now it all makes sense" the chieftain broke in, Link walked in, asking the chieftain if he could get his wings, later, link went to valoo, getting his wings END OF CHAPTER 2

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