chapter 2     this is my first fanon, so no trashy comments, so now that is settled, on with the story! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX One day, link was relaxing in the forest, when he woke up, he saw a old mask salesman. He walked to the salesman, asking him if he could have a mask, "Are you selling masks?" he asked "yes, little boy" the salesman awnsered. the salesman pulled out a box, "this is a good one" he said to Link " how much is it?" link asked to the salesman "Twenty rupees" he said. Link gave him the rupees, thanked him, and went to the bridge to try it on. He put on the mask, feeling his body change, he cried out in pain. He blacked out, when he woke up, he felt weird, but he didn't mind. He jumped off the bridge, he swam to King Of Red Lions, "Link? is that you? why do you have a beak?" King Of Red Lions asked. "I don't!" Link replied, trying to take the mask off. (what? why can't i take my mask off?) link thought, he looked at the water, seeing that he was a RITO! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" link screamed.             *END OF CHAPTER*                                                                   

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