Description Edit

Link is Eighteen in the Hero of Time series. He is Zelda's ambassador and Bodyguard after coming back from sealing Ganondorf in a 'place of eternal darkness'. He wears (in his free time) a pair of khaki trousers and a white shirt. When being the princess' bodyguard, or perhaps appearing with Impa for her in counsel meetings when she is absent, wears a royal white tunic edged with purple and has a necklace of gold with the triforce on it as a symbol of being one of Zelda's trusted friends. He hides the golden Triforce mark on his left hand by wearing fingerless gloves in public.

Personality Edit

Link is bold and outgoing, quick to laugh but most certainly not quick to speak. Zelda and Impa have never heard a word from him since he came, yet he is far from rude. His facial expressions speak for him. Zelda can read his very thoughts from his face, it seems. He is kind and loving towards all but baddies, to which he has no mercy.

Background Edit

He is from the Kokiri forest

Friends and Relationships: Edit

Zelda: They say that the Hero of Time likes the young lady, he's kind enough anyways. They often take walks and ride together. The Hero of Time has secret intentions that he hopes to fill out after the War of Shadow is over.

Lord Impa: Lord Impa is Link's personall teacher. She trains him with the ways of the sword. He thinks of her as an older sister.

Enemies Edit

Strengths Edit

Weaknesses Edit

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