Link is the main character and protagonist of The Legend of Zelda: The Sacred Scepter.

Link from Skyward Sword
(Sacred Scepter has the same art style)
Aliases Link
The Hero of Time Reborn
The Hero of Twilight Reborn
The Hero of the Scepter
Timeline Base Child
Age 15
Gender Male
Species Human
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian
Loyal To Hyrule's Royal Family
Hometown Venyon
Family/Clan None
Title and Rank Ranch Hand (former)
Weapons Sword
Special Abilities Homing Slash
Repel Bash
Fatal Blow
Shield Bash
Back Slice
Helm Splitter
Special Slashes
Triforce Slash
Introduced In The Sacred Scepter
Stories Featured In The Sacred Scepter
Author(s) Paper


Link from the Sacred Scepter looks very similar to the Link from Skyward Sword as the to games have a very similar art style. The only change is that Link's sword in the beginning of the game is the Wooden Sword, not the Goddess Sword. At the midway point of the game, Link draws the Master Sword which becomes his sword for the rest of the game.


Link is far much more powerful than in previous games. He can pull of some moves that the Link from Twilight Princess could. He can also do homing slashes which allow him to charge enemies from afar. Once upon an enemy, slashing a lot will send Link into the air, allowing him to do a divebomb attack. He also gains a slingshot, boomerang, bomb bag, clawshots, bow, hammer, and many more useful and unique items through out the game.

Sacred ScepterEdit

Similar to previous games, The Legend of Zelda: The Sacred Scepter focuses on a main item or element, obviously in this game that is the Sacred Scepter. Link can use the Sacred Scepter for a variety of things such as healing himself, controlling statues, warping, setting things ablaze, cursing everything around him, switching gravity, freezing and unfreezing water, and many more unique things.


At the beginning of the game, Link is simply seen as a tired and lazy boy who over slept the ritual. As his "punishment," he must help Zelda and the troops deliver the gifts back to Venyon. He heads with Zelda to Hyrule Castle Town and eventually Hyrule Castle where a group of six self proclaimed Tyrants of the Elements capture Zelda and her troops and set the gift on fire. Link exits the castle and finds a man waiting for him. He follows the man until he corners him. The man tells Link that his name is Nolan and then takes Link to his Sword School. He tells Link to go to an old man in the town who will know more about what to do. Link visits the old man and discovers that he will need to draw the Master Sword in order to stop the Tyrants. He sends Link of to Faron to start his great quest.

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