Link as he appears in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit of Darkness.


Link is very childish, like his brother Tinker.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


Link and Tinker are very close, because they're twins. They go on the adventure to save Hyrule together, and often work together to pass puzzles.


As Saria is his younger sister, Link is very protective of her. When his parents passed away, he took her as almost a daughter, and doesn't let her come with him and Tinker during their quest in Hyrule.


Link trusts Reubell, as she was appointed by the King of Hyrule to be his guardian fairy. When she is eaten by Lord Jabu-Jabu, Link quickly follows the giant fish into the lake, trying to find her. When Reubell is revealed to be the Spirit of Life, Link is sad that she will have to leave.


Though they only encounter a couple of times, Link appears to have a crush on Zelda. When Impa tries to kidnap Zelda, Link leaps in between them and begins to attack Impa, though, without Tinker's help, he is knocked aside. Later, when the spirits fly away, Link watches her pink orb fly past.

Spirit of DarknessEdit

Link has a major hatred for the Spirit of Darkness, AKA Ganondorf. When Ganondorf smashes the Ocarina of Magic, Tinker has to hold Link back from attacking.

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