Overview Edit


The Like Like is a voracious and gelatinous leech-like creature that usually resides in wet and dark places, but can be occasionally found in dry areas. This creature will suck victims into its wide, round mouth, often robbing them of loose items if they manage to escape.


Like Likes seem to be one of the most versatile creatures in Mudora. They have been known to appear in a number of places, from caves, to forests, to dungeons. Some varieties have even adapted to the ocean and are even seen moving across the ocean floor, while some have adapted the ability to burrow underground, waiting for prey to be in close proximity.

Like Likes normally range from being brownish yellow to a pinkish color, with more vibrant colors for its oceanic relatives. Their bodies consist of circular, gelatinous layers covered in slimy rubbery skin. The most notable feature of these creatures is that their inward facing rows of teeth often snag on shields and loose items, causing them to be ingested and giving the Like Like its pension for eating shields.

Combat Edit

To consume their prey, Like Likes will suck in and engulf the entirety of the intended victim, constricting him inside of their gelatinous mouths and raking them against their rows of serrated teeth. Commonly, if the Like Like is not large enough to swallow the creature, it will spit it out, often without the victim's equipment and avoid the previous target until they finish digesting whatever has been stolen. Because of their tendancy to devour objects whole, bombs are an excellent way of defeating Like Likes.

Trivia Edit

The Like Like gets its name from an old Hyrulean proverb: "Shield-eaters and world leaders have many likes alike."

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