Chapter 1:Prologue

Once, millions of years before the events of the Imprisoning War, there was a man. His name was Darkius. He was destined to become a powerful fighter millions of years into the future. He believed this, but no one else on his planet did. He tried to prove himself by serving for his village, and killed many enemies and fought off many armies. People began to believe him, and began to worry about their safety. They put him to death, and his spirit haunted the village for years. Eventually, he was reborn millions of years later. The reborn Darkius continued to fight to prove himself worthy, until he was attacked by something, something strange. It raised a sword, and stabbed him in the chest. It disappeared, and Darkius started to turn black, his armor turning black, and his sword became a demonic double helix sword. Darkius screamed, and felt a demonic power inside him, and felt hatred in him. He wanted power, strength, and most of all, God-like powers; The dark side of his personality had been brought out. He laughed, and walked to his first destination. He traveled into a land to be later known as Termina, and saw a man, Xentore, slaying a monster known as Majora. He watched him cast Majora(now carved into a mask) into a deep trench, and decided whether to fight him or not. He thought to himself, "Nah. He might kill me. Anyone/anything can kill another, no matter the strength." He turned away from the man, and quickly ran from Termina. As he walked through a dark pit, he looked up to see a hole, but it was very high. He leaped towards the hole, and walked through it, ending up in a forest. He wandered, feeling lost, and was ambushed by a strange creature. He kicked it into a tree and sliced its head off, then took its meat. As he wandered even more, he began to hear voices. He started running, and finally, got out of the woods. He walked into the land of Hyrule, a beautiful place, before walking into a town, and spoke with a fortune teller after 4 minutes of walking through screams and hot Cucco thrown at him. The fortune teller told him a hero clothed in green would kill him in 30 years from that point. Darkius's eyes widened, and he quickly ran out of Hyrule Castle Town. He created millions of dark monsters, then ordered a castle built for him. They did so, and he created more and more dark monsters to do his bidding.

To be continued......

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