in this game link is turned into a skull kid by Melancholos the new villain


other charactersEdit

skull kids: pedro,kanus,jono and arylla


kalyfayans: Melancholos,mindy kuku, and goncho

plot detailsEdit

link is walking in the forest when melacholos appears and zaps link turning him into a skull kid. he goes wandering around asking people for help but no will help him because they are to scared of him 'cause he is a skull kid. Eventually he finds his way into the lost woods and discovers the secret life of the skull kids. one of the skull kids,pedro tells him he needs the nine instruments of bone: the skeleton flute,the bone ocarina,the skull violin,ect and that to do this he needs to rescue the guardians from melancholos's minions he tells him that he is the first guardian and he has finally achieved his mission:to discover the hero who would defeat melancholos he then gives him the first instrument the skeleton flute which is used through out the game. to rescue the guardians link needs to travel to each of the eight floating continets of hyrule that surround the central continent. All float not in water but the endless skies of this world.The way link is turned into a skull kid,the haunting music and the villains name are all majora's mask inspired and also the plot idea of melancholos's insane plan to smash the continents into The-Void(home of his people the kalyfayans) to destroy the barrier so he can release his race from it and awaken their master the dark god Malfus which will kill millions of people also adds to the rather dark theme.

gameplay mechanicsEdit

the gameplay is mainly the same as most of the series but to travel between the continents link needs to fly in an airship and in twist reminiscent of wind waker link new ship has a life of it's own it and his name is the prince of gold eagles. the graphics are somewhat similar to those of phantom hourglass with a touch of twilight princess

temples and bossesEdit

Temple of Doom:Karax, allseeing watcher

Temple of Fear:Gohma, bringer of fright

Temple of Sorrow:Aquinth, drinker of tears

Temple of Rage:Pyrann, fire of evil

Temple of Heresy:Majjus, darkness caster

Temple of Vanity: Grue, master of storms

Temple of Gluttony:Bork, many-mouthed one

Temple of Lies: Piscue, swallower of hope

Temple of the Slumbering-God;Malphus.TheFallen-3OneEdit

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