Alright, here is an FAQ page about my fanfic, The Legend of Zelda: Xentore. Some questions you may or may not have stumbled upon whilst reading my epic and popular story. So here is the place to assumably find out your answers.

FAQ Edit

Overhacker Edit

Q: How'd you get that name? where did you come up with that?

A: Honestly, I didn't. I got it at a place that randomly generates names of things, I randomly generated the name here. The description of Overhacker, mentioned in Chapter 7, I randomly generated here. If your curious, the site is called Seventh Sanctum.

Sheikahn Edit

Q: How did you come up with the language?

A: Like Overhacker, I didn't. In Chapter 13 you notice Phos talking in sheikahn, It really is just latin backwards. I'm not that clever to come up with an entire langauge.

Iron Knuckle Edit

Q: In chapter 8 when Link is fighting the monsters in Lon Lon, why does the Iron Knuckle throw his axe and it reacts like a boomerang?

A: When I was writing that I had no idea. I thought that I could eventually do something around that. In this story at least no. I'm not going to say anything, but I will hint you that it is a possible dark force. I don't know yet. I wont' say anything on it in Xentore though.

Phos Edit

Q: How'd you come up with the name Phos?

A: I didn't. One day I was thinking of what to do to and I thought I wanted to add a character. I couldn't think of a single name. I was stumped. I did some english to greek translations, and found out that (ironically) light means Phos in Greek. This is ironic because Phos is a being of shadow, and light is his weakness. It blinds him.

Skull Kid Edit

Q: I really wanted to him to get into the story, why didn't Link catch up with him?

A: Yes it is true, I forget which chapter where Link says he'll be back when he finds Navi. Because Link found her so fast, I didn't want to make them come back to Skull Kid right away if you know what I'm saying. Rather, I wanted to focus on the main problem in the story. Xentore. Though don't worry if you want him to play a large role, if you read chapter 13 you'll know I'll add him.

Dream Edit

Q: In Link's first dream he dreams of some land in shadow, where is this?

A: If you really want to know, I'll tell you.

Then I saw something that I never knew existed, it looked like some kind of land of shadow, a place that was cut off from everything good. A palace filled with beasts and hexed magics, kind of like Majora's Mask.
--Link's Dream

It's the Twilight Realm if you hadn't already guessed. I am going to add that to the story. You really want to know? Well fine. I will add a Twili to the story. Don't worry. How you might ask? I'll add a sage. He will be a Twili. That's all I'm saying for now.

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