Link was sitting on a shady island. The island's west forms the entry. There are lots and lots of trees, and a small pool of water in the center. Link had put together a small hut with bunk-bed-hammocks. Link was sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water, and his mind wandering. I wonder if it would be any different living in the time of Zelda's ancestor's. In Hyrule before it was flooded. I wonder if the Princess Zelda of that time knew the Hero of Time. Link was brought back to reality when he heard a boat coming to shore. He looked up, and just coming ashore was The King of Red Lions, Princess Zelda's boat. She jumped onto the thin barrier of sand, and walked over to Link.

"Hey, Link." she said.

"Hi, Zelda."

"What are you doing?" Zelda put sat down and put her feet in the water.


"My father said that he wanted to see us back at the castle."

"Oh, ok." Link got up and put his Shoes back on. Zelda did the same.

"Do you want to come in my boat, or should we take yours?" She asked.

"Let's go in yours. It looks better than my little rowboat with a sail."

"Ok, but I'm not an expert sailer. Will you sail?"

"Sure." Link said smiling, he always appreciated a chance to impress Zelda. They had been friends almost since birth, and Link had developed a crush on Zelda a few years ago. Link got in the back of The King of Red Lions, and Zelda sat in the front. For most people, the wind effected when and where you sailed. For Link, and when Zelda sailed with him, Zelda, it was nothing to worry about. 50 Years ago, an object known as the Wind Waker had been found. It was used by the Hero of Winds 200 years ago. This conductor's baton allowed Link to manipulate the wind, among other things. Link conducted the Wind's Requiem, and pointed the Wind Waker NE, and set off.

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