A new Link has to defeat Ganondorf, little does he know that the Dark Knight is behind the burning buildings and castles.





Link- Default character.



Zelda- Playable after Dungeon 3: River Zora's Temple up until Ganondorf is defeated by her. Playable during the battle against the Dark Knight.



Ganondorf- Playable after Dungeon 7: Turtle Rock and serves as a "partner" up until the start of Dungeon 9: Hyrule Castle. Playable during the battle against the Dark Knight.


Dungeon 1: Kokiri Forest TempleEdit

The young woodland boy Link uncovers a mysterious temple in the forest. He investigates the temple and finds a Giant Deku Scrub. Using it's size against it, Link takes down the Scrub and receives the boomerang. After some more exploring and making use of the boomerang, Link finds Undead Arachnid Ghoma. Using the boomerang to stun Gohma, Link overcomes this obstacle and receives the Key of Courage. Little does Link know that a mysterious figure is watching him from afar.

Dungeon 2: Death Mountain CraterEdit

The newly received hookshot allows Link to scale Death Mountain. On top of Death Mountain, Link gives Biggoron the Eye Drops, and in which Biggoron gives Link the Goron Tunic. Link enters the Crater and, after fighting Beamos and using the hookshot to go deeper into the Crater. Upon entering a large circular room, Link spots the Key of Wisdom. Just as he is about to grab it, Prototype Crab Beamos drops down! The legged Beamos puts up a good fight, but it still has all the weaknesses of a regular Beamos. After the Prototype's destruction, Link finds the Hero's Bow. The Key is snatched up by a Helmasaur and taken away, further into the Crater. Chasing after the Helmasaur, Link finally arrives to the last chamber, only to find Masked Lord Helmasaur King! Link finds the Magic Hammer and prepares for battle. To be continued...

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