Chapter 1: Ganondorf's Plot Edit

Link felt a cool breeze blow his hair. He looked his faithful steed, Epona. Soon he heard someone coming. A soldier from Hyrule Castle hopped off his horse. The soldier spoke to Link, "There's trouble at the castle, Link". "What kind of trouble?" Link asked. The soldier said someone had spotted Ganondorf along with another person and a few minions. Link jumped on Epona and galloped away to Hyrule Castle. He hoped that Princess Zelda was ok. Link's thoughts drifted away from the ride and wandered to Zelda. Link and Epona soon arrived at the castle. A few moments later, Ganondorf warlock punched through the main gate. The soldiers jumped down from their posts. Ganondorf raised his hand and said, "I am not here not take the Triforce or the princess. I am here to warn you of my latest plan". Link was in pure shock. Ganondorf's telling us his plan? Is this a joke? Has he completely lost it?

Chapter 2: Waiting for the Strike Edit

“In two days I shall invade this castle with a large weapon. I shall also come with swordmen, and my accomplice here, Dalulmas will lead them.” Dalulmas? Who is he? “That is all I have to say, I will se you all very soon.” Ganondorf and Dalulmas left quickly. Link didn’t try to stop them; he knew he couldn’t. Link had never seen the stranger, Dalulmas, but he seemed some how familiar. Link decided to go tell Zelda what happened. As he climbed the stairs to the princess’s room in the tower, he couldn’t help but wonder if Ganondorf’s scheme involved Zelda this time. When Link arrived at the top of the tower, Zelda asked him what the commotion was about. “Not much, Ganondorf told us his plan.” Link said. “Odd.” Zelda said. Link then told Princess Zelda about Ganondorf’s plot.

Chapter 3: Preparations Edit

Link rode Epona to the castle town store, to load up on potions, bombs, and arrows. Once he was all stocked up, he headed back to the castle. He walked into the Barracks portion of the castle, and settled down in his room. Tomorrow Ganondorf is coming. I’ve got to be prepared to protect Zelda. The next day, Link got up and started training with Russell’s men. After that, he went out to a field and trained some more. All of a sudden, Link got an idea. He ran off to find Beddle’s store. Wait. I don’t have enough Rupees. Link hopped on Epona, and rode off to find Linebeck III. “Well, well. I haven’t seen you in a while, Link” Linebeck said. “I’ve got some treasure for you Linebeck”, Link replied. He sold a few Wood Hearts, and rode off for Beddle’s.

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