The Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf is a fan fiction made by Ryushusupercat. Click here to start the story!

Main CharactersEdit


  • Link (The main protagonist)
  • Lank (Link's little brother)
  • Princess Zelda (Crown princess of Hyrule)
  • Prince Zenai (Jerk! >:P, not much of a hero)
  • Epona (Link's horse)
  • Ilia (Link's crush?)
  • Malo (Baby-face guy, if you're smart you'll shop at Malo Mart!)
  • Talo (Malo's brother and Lank's best friend)
  • Beth (Sera and Hanch's daughter)
  • Colin (Rusl and Uli's son)
  • Telma (Runs the bar in Hyrule Castle Town)
  • Renado (Shaman of Kakariko Village)
  • Luda (Renado's daughter)
  • Shad (I say, old boy!)
  • Ashei
  • Auru (Bazooka man!)


Villains to HeroesEdit

  • Kotuumath (History shrouded in mystery, LOL I rhymed :D)
  • Jukaro (Kotuumath's little brother, never really a villain :P)

Secondary CharactersEdit


  • Bo (Mayor of Ordon Village and Ilia's father)
  • Fado (Ranch-hand)
  • Rusl (Colin's father)
  • Uli (Colin's mother)
  • Sera (Beth's mother)
  • Hanch (Beth's father)
  • Jaggle (Talo and Malo's father)
  • Pergie (Talo and Malo's mother)
  • Mr. Postman (Guy that runs everywhere)
  • Tingle (Tingle tingle kooloo-limpah!)
  • Doctor (Creepy doctor of Hyrule Castle Town, ewww!)
  • Skrap (Suprisingly, a non-evil Miniblin)
  • Ritori (Skrap's sister)



  • Ordon Village
  • Faron Woods
  • Sacred Grove
  • Snowpeak Province
  • Zora's Domain
  • Zora River
  • Lake Hylia
  • Hyrule Field
  • Hyrule Castle Town
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Gerudo Desert
  • Arbiter's Grounds
  • Death Mountain
  • Kakariko Village
  • Kakariko Gorge
  • Ulfurio Plains
  • Forgotten Grounds

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