Link was standing in the engine of the Destroyer when the train started climbing the mountain. Almost to the outpost. Then we can really start our journey. And maybe I can tell her... no, I can't; well..."

Linken and Zelda were sitting in the captain's car. "Ok. I'm getting a picture. Link has strong feelings for someone, a girl." Zelda rolled her eyes. "Well do you think he would like a guy?!"

"Yikes! That is a disturbing though. OH, now you've got the picture in my head!" Linken left his trance. "That was just disturbing."

"What did she look like?"

"She had long brown hair."

"That rules out Marry Arrow."


"Marry Arrow has short blonde hair"

"Ok... she looked about your age, and was an average-ish height for 17, sort of."

"What color were her eyes?"

"I don't know. This was all massive speculation. I wouldn't be surprised if the hair was black, the picture I got was very blurry."


"Zelda, I can try to get Link to like you if you want."

"No, it's fine." Princess Zelda looked out the window. "Hey, we're almost to the outpost."

"Yeah, but it's getting dark."

Once Destroyer arrived at the mountain outpost, the outpost manager showed them to their rooms. "And this is where you will be staying, princess." the outpost manager said to Zelda.

"Thank you." she said.

"So, James, how long have you been here?" Link asked.

"About a year." the outpost manager (James) said.

"Nice. Where's my room?"

"Right over there."

"Thanks." Link walked over to is room, closed the door and sat down at the desk. Link took out a Regal Ring he had found 5 years ago, and stared at it. Its beautiful. Just like Zelda. He put up the ring at went to sleep.

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