The Destroyer headed down the tracks toward the mountain outpost where she would be refitted for the journey. Link, in the engine, watched the scenery fly by as his thoughts wandered to Zelda. Zelda... Link dozed of for a bit, but awoke when the train took a sharp turn. He wished he could be with Zelda, but the king would never approve.

"What does this switch do?" asked Linken who was on the Bridge portion of the car.

"It uncouples the car from the engine in an emergency." said the annoyed Lieutenant Rico Narwhal.

"What about that one, does it set off the self-destruct?"


"Then does it eject the cargo?"

"N-... what?"

"Does it-"

"Look, kid, you're swarming here, it's busy work here on the Bridge so buzz off."

"Alright fine." Linken walked over to Rico's brother, Randy, who was sitting by the window sketching in his notebook.

"What are you doing?" "Mapping out what I think Anteria will be like." answered Randy.

"Ok." Linken went to go study his magic some more. Princess Zelda was sitting in the other car when Linken walked in. "Hey, Link(en)." said Zelda. "Hi." Linken said. Linken sat down across from Zelda, and began reading his book. "Is there a sequel to that book?" Zelda asked.

"I think they're writing one."

"Do you know what its going to be called?"

"The Complete Magician's Guide to Q-ness*"

"Interesting. Can you read minds?"

"Hm... I don't think so."

"Oh, ok."


"I, well, its nothing."

"Oh, really, is that right?" Just then Commander Simon Hammer entered the car. "Princess, the captain wishes to speak with you."

"Ok, thank you, commander." Zelda walked through the Bridge, and over the 5 cannons to the engine, where Link was waiting. "Zelda, do you know how to get to the mountain outpost?" Link asked.

"Yes, go straight until you see a lake far to ahead to the right." Zelda replied.

"Alright, thanks."

"You're welcome."



"...Never mind."

"Um, ok." Zelda went back to see Linken.

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  • Star Trek Voyager, "Q2"

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