Princess Zelda hurried to her room, and quickly closed and locked the door. What? My father knew? How did he find out about my feelings for him, I tried to be careful, did he mesmerize her enough that I couldn't hide it? Did anyone else notice? More importantly did Link notice it? If he finds out I will be doomed... Zelda walked over to her desk where she had a picture from 5 years ago, of her spirit and Link.
Screen shot 2010-07-02 at 7.09.32 PM

Zelda's Picture

She smiled at the memories. Maybe back on the train she just might be able to tell him... just maybe.

Link was walking down the hall when he ran into Zelda, "Oh, Link, I was just looking for you." Zelda said.

"Really? Why?" asked Link.

"My father wants you to go explore Anteria with Destroyer's crew."


"I'm going to come with you as well."


"I am coming on Destroyer with you."

Link was worried for Zelda's safety "No, you can't come with us, its not safe."

"My father wants me to go, with you."

"... Ok then" The kings word was final.

"I don't have any sort of specifics for you, but my father will"

"Alright, I'll... um, se you later then..." Link went on to see the King.

"Alright." Link said. As soon as he finished, he kissed her. They just stood there looking at each other for what seemed like hours, but was only a minute or 2. "Princess... why are you just standing there?" asked a soldier. "Oh, um, no reason" said Zelda as she woke from her fantasy.

"Alright then." The soldier went on his way, and Zelda went back to her room to pack. Let's see, I'll need a few spare dresses, my rapier just in case, some shoes, and my tiara. Zelda put these things into 2 different bags; she was ready.

As Link left the king's throne room, he wondered if he should bring Linken with him. It would be nice to have a mage on the journey, even if he was only 12. Link went to his room and started packing his arsenal. I need my bow and arrows, my boomerang, my bombs, and my hookshot. That was about it, Link looked at is bedside table and saw the Spirit Flute Zelda gave him. He decided to pack that as well. Now to go tell his crew and Linken.

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