Link, Commander Hammer, Lieutenant Commanders Marry Arrow, and Alfred Gold rigged Destroyer up with new wheels, that had a ridge in the middle, sharp enough to leave a rut in the ground that the other wheels would follow. This way when they turned, the back cars wouldn't swing around wildly. Link and the others also equipped Destroyer with a snowplow. After all this the crew went inside for a hot drink, then assumed positions for the journey ahead. Linken was on the bridge with the most friendly of the crew, Lieutenant Commander Alfred Gold.

"What's your job, Al?" Linken asked.

"I'm supposed to check for damage after battles, but right now, I'm making sure everyone's doing their job." Ensign Wesley Crusher came onto the bridge. Linken got along the best with him.

"Ensign, What did Doctor Robinson say about the weather?" Alfred asked Wesley.

"The doctor said its going to get a lot colder, but we'll reach the summit of the mountain tomorrow. It will get warmer after that." Wesley said. Linken went to the other car, and sat down to read about mind reading magic. He walked over to a drawer to pick up his book when he saw a piece of paper. He picked it up but saw it was in Hylian. "₢₣₥៛৳₪" it read. Linken thought for a minute, then rolled his eyes, it said, "with candle".

"Zelda." he called. She came out the the doctor's "office".

"Yes?" she asked.

"What does this mean?" Linken showed Zelda the paper.

"Oh, sorry. I was practicing writing Hylian. But I guess I'm not that good."

"What were you trying to write?"

" 'Left door'." Linken shook his head. Zelda walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?"

"To the engine." Linken rolled his eyes again. Zelda walked through the bridge and picked up a compass, and a coat.

"Link." she said. Link turned around.

"Oh, hey Zelda." he said.

"I brought you the compass."

"Oh, thanks."

"Where are we now?"

"Well, there's the wind blowing from behind, giving us a slight boost. We are 12 hours from the summit."

"Ok." Zelda walked back inside the car.

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